Dumper Truck Problems

The Dump trucks (also known as dumpers and dumper truck and minidumper ) of the common faults
(1) cabin lift difficultly
A the failure factors are the following:
a.  fuel tank is insufficient;
b.  fuel tank filter or pipe severe is congestion;
c.  pump failure that leads to no oil.
d.  lifting switch (pass atmosphere) is blocked and the distribution valve return valve stuck in the oil return back to the oil valve position;
e. relief valve is serious imbalance and the high-pressure oil pump is leakage;
f.  limit lifting cylinder valve is blocked so that the allocation of the main valve leading to the long-term gas path connected;
g. reservoir pump pressure is inadequate;
h. PTO and  oil pump gear are bad work

It is mainly used in construction site. It can carry sand, brick, stone, cement and other construction materials. It is very convenient and easy to operate it.

If you are a contractor or builder, you should have one of them. It can greatly heighten the work efficiency.

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